Monday, April 1, 2019

Vedas are not source of HInduism

In fact, it is weird that some think even after lot many archaeological proofs Vedas are the source of Hinduism. Vedic society had limited presence and that too in Magadha, Kurukshetra regions by 6th century BC. Nowhere else, even in Maharashtra traces are found of the existence of Vedic people or their religion prior to first century BC and in the south, Sangam literature proves that prior to third century AD Vedic religion was unknown to them. This only does mean that this religion gradually spread with conversions using missionary practices.
If you go through Tevijja Sutta, it will appear to you that Buddha has treated the Vedic religion as a distinct body opposed to Hindus those had several philosophical streams. Idolatry, Devotion, Salvation, Liberation was never part of Vedicism. In fact largest philosophical sect in Hinduism, that time was Sramana from which Ajeevkas, Buddism, Jainism, and many other sects sprang. Ajeevaka, Vratya were the oldest pre-vedic philosophical sects and were popular. This was the tradition of renunciation in Hinduism to which Vedas oppose. Pancharatrins promoted devotion, Yoga and Tantric rituals those were banned in Vedic rituals calling them “Vedbahya”. There were numerous Tantric sects (the foundation of Hinduism) centered around the worship of Shiva-Shakti as their chief deity. Shiva is nowhere to be found in Vedas. Common people of those times followed simple idol worship adhering to some or other sectarian ritualistic practice.
Vedics entered India sometime in 1200 BC and by sixth century BC did find some space in few states of northern India. Buddha challenges all the sects and their doctrines including Vedic as well. His mention and opposition to Vedas is as same as his opposition to Ajeevaka and Sankhya Doctrine. So this does not prove at all that the Vedas are the source of the Hinduism. This has been distinct religion and though Vedics has accepted idolatry to some extent, in Gupta era, they tried to vedicise them by creating easily detectable false myths around Hindu deities. Still, Shiva and Shakti remain non-Vedic and the scholars including Dr. RN Dandekar acknowledges this fact. There is no relation between Hindu and Vedic religion. Both have independent sources and different social order. 
Vedic ritualistic practices also are too distinct the way their Gods are. Puja was never ever part of Vedicism. Had Vedas been source of the Hinduism, Vedas and Vedic gods would have remained dominant even today for entire Hindu society. But except for Vedics , none follows Vedic ritualistic practices and their Gods. It is ridiculous to consider both the religion one and the same and that Vedas are source of the Hinduism. The socio-cultural history does not support this claim!

युरोपियनांचा वर्चस्ववाद, वैदिक धर्म आणि येथील वास्तव!

  प्राचीन  इराणमध्ये पारशी धर्माचे प्राबल्य वाढले. त्या धर्माने वैदिक धर्माचे आश्रयस्थान असलेल्या सरस्वती (हरह्वैती) नदीचे खोरेही व्यापल्य...