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Mystery of the Cultural Belt (What is culture?...part three)

The historians always have said that to form a culture co-existence of basic essential elements are required. They say about the weather, water resources, furtive lands and amicable surroundings to be major influencing factors for flourishing of a culture. They say lands of India, especially basin of Indus, being furtive and nature least hostile caused birth of Indus civilization. Few Indian pundits say that those were Aryans who invaded India and destroyed local cultures to form a new one, and now there is counter claim that those were Aryans who were creators of Indus civilization. (See…Dr. M.K. Dhawalikar’s “Aryanchyaa Shodhat.” )
From where these mysterious Aryans did come? Have they so far have been able to identify land of their origin and the people those could be possibly proved to be ancestors of Aryans?
Let us discuss this issue because for centuries this prejudice has been influencing the socio-religious strife in India and abroad. If Aryans were already been able enough to develop their culture in northern parts of earth, why they had to migrate without leaving a footprint of their origin in the lands they belonged? They say Aryans from central Asia or from Arctic regions in troops migrated and invaded India and Europe. Germans still tend to believe that they are successors of Aryans. Hindu Brahmins think they are of the Aryan origin and superior over other races. They tend to claim that those were Aryans that introduced mature culture to aboriginals, and admonitions of RSS or rather their secret aims are similar to that of Hitler.
But the fact remains they don’t have any substantial proof that they intruded India or Europe from some unknown place to confirm their claim.

The main questions arising from Aryan Invasion Theory are:

a. How a so-called developed cultured race in unison migrated from one place to another?
b. Why Rugveda doesn’t support AIT theory as there is not even a single mention?
c. If Aryans migrated to India and elsewhere why there is no similar composition like of Veda’s elsewhere?
d. If they were migrated to India, Iran would be their first camping station. But Avesta was composed about 6th century BC. Veda’s are considered to be composed during 2500 BC till 1750 BC. How this reversal of timeline is possible?
e. Greeks, as it claimed that belongs to Aryan origin…but pre-history of Greeks doesn’t date back beyond 1500 BC. Again same problem with timeline. Also Greeks never composed any text similar to Veda;s. Had it been the case that they too belonged to Aryan race, there would be some kind of similar composition. Also notable factor is Greeks were Pagans and not nature-worshippers as so-called Aryans of India were.

Indian thinkers do tend to nod in unison with Max Muller, a German Pundit, who in fact provided enough fuel to the claim rich imaginary ancestry of high-caste people of India.
But the fact remains that Aryans so called invasion or migration is a myth that is not substantiated by any solid proof. So if at all Aryans did exist in some northern part of the globe we don’t find any signs of their forebear’s that can be linked with myth of Aryans. There could not be any culture of prominence in northern parts of the globe beyond 41 north. It could only have nomads of primitive kind and we know from history how central Asia was crowded with uncultured nomadic tribes, having no influence over global societies except of their mass attacks and vandalism upon the rest of the world.
So there never was intrusion of Aryans neither in India nor in Europe.
If it was the case when Aryans that Intruded India could compose world’s ancient philosophical books, the Vedas, why the same Aryans that branched in Europe remained in the dark of ignorance for centuries to come?
And I am sure they don’t have any answer. Rules of fanatics don’t apply when you really are serious. When you want to learn and understand.
There are professors of another myth. They say life on earth was due to some comet that carried cells of life. Some say those were the species from other galactic planet that not only visited earth but from monkeys they produced this new breed…the mankind. They are in search for life upon Mars and upon Venus. Now they are also claiming that they have found a planetary system in the Universe where earth-like planet must be existing. That may be the case. May be some day we could reach those planets where alike species do exists.
But how that is going to help solve mystery of our own world?
Say for example that those were space travelers of ancient times that gave birth to the mankind. Then why it is so that civilizations we find only in the particular belt I am telling about?
Or say some comet that entered our earth that caused the life on our lonely planet. That may be an assumed case that some meteoric crash wiped out a species of behemoths that used to rule the earth. If both cases are thought together then we come across a gross contradiction. Then we not only contradict theory of evolution but also it forces us to trust on laws of destiny the science forsakes of.
Here we tend to accept law of destiny only because we have not found truth as yet. Both are wrong. They were destined to be wrong who suggested life had to come upon the earth through galactic couriers. They are fatally wrong when they suggest entire species of dinosaurs and monstrous birds were erased because of some galactic attack. When Charles Darwin says it is evolution he is wrong in his conclusions though he has been good in his findings.
There are actually many issues that we have to look together…in wise combination and they are:

a. Is man an evolved creature from primitive apes?
b. If it is the case from what apes did evolve?
c. If the life on earth is gift of a comet crash, why there is no life on other planets as well including our moon where many comets have ended their existence?
d. Atmosphere on our earth was toxic and poisonous in its beginning. May it be compared with the atmosphere of Venus.
e. On earth there roamed behemoths like dinosaurs. They got dinstinct in course of time. End of dinosaurs is linked to another comet crash. Why comets that have brought life on earth had to end it?
f. On end of behemoths how come that new life flourished with no link to past ancestors?
g. Early evidence of presence of Homo sapiens is not later than 25 million years. In last 25 million years only apes did evolve...they say…what about other species?
h. Human species is existent, not only today, but from as if eternity in every part of the globe though civilizations didn’t know about their existence and there were no means to venture transit from one place to other in those olden times. If the theory of travel of ancient primitive people is accepted that made settlements on every part of the earth then we have to accept primitive man was as similar in knowledge and in science as we the modern men are. Should we trust in this?
i. Even if, we consider this as a fact, then why the men belonging to single ancestry could not stream the flow of same culture they belonged to wherever they settled? Why there are so many cultural discrepancies even today when technology has brought world closer?
j. If origin of the man was at single place, as some anthropologist’s claim, saying modern man is predecessor of Homo sapiens or of Neanderthal why there is distinct difference in races? Why we have to classify people in Mongoloids, Austreloids and Caucasians or in Negroid? If origin of species is single then why there should be that distinct difference?
k. Does genetic structure change with environment mankind belongs to in course of time to form a distinct race?

There are many questions. I just don’t want you to be perturbed much over them. We are here not to raise just questions but to find answer. Looking back in history of our so-called wizard our thinkers and scientists lacked in fundamental queries. I don’t blame them for they too were children of their time and had to present their theories based on their individual observations. Not that there observations were wrong. But the conclusions they derived from their observations were wrong. Their findings though were accepted by the so-called progressive people in heart, they remained aristocrats. The findings helped them to prove they were supreme. At one hand they bought Darwin’s theory and at other hand they trusted in myth of Aryans. At one hand they bought theory of destiny and at other hand they praised and enjoyed fruits of the science. There were many those abandoned old mythological gods and began to praise new god…science. Even after Big bang theory there were many who placed their belief in old theory of static universe. The rest of the world was happy to place their faith in new theory. Theory always is like a god. It can be said and deliberated over but hardly can be proved. It just is matter of faith. When it comes to theosophy we tend to trust.
When it comes to personal beliefs we tend to trust.
What we tend to trust not necessarily is the truth.
I have raised the questions not only to baffle you. I have raised them to come up with all plausible answer.
So let us begin our probe. Also let’s find out why culture develops in some regions and declines…there are scientific views on this…)

(Next Chapter…Genesis)

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Mystery of the cultural belt (What is Culture..part two.)

Now in the process of globalization all the cultures are blending, though slowly to form a new culture that is going to be different than it is today. If at all we happen to visit this planet, say after hundred years, we hardly would believe that this was the culture we had left behind. And yet demarcating factors of the cultural belt will stand with the time.
To say the least Pizzas and Kentucky Chicken not only is entering Indian households but Chinese too are jumping on it. Indian Chicken Curry has become UK’s national dish. There are many Indian Restaurants not only in UK, USA but also in the strange countries where eating habits are peculiar like in Japan, China, and Singapore and in Holland and in Russia. Indian movies are gathering masses in western world and western movies are dominant in entire globe. Chinese movie won Oscars and Nobel Prize for literature. English is dominantly defeating the regional languages, that find origin in Latin. Germans and Chinese and Russians and Indians and Burmees are learning English to become part of global society. American culture in this or that form is entering every home against protests and alarms sounded by local social activists and thinkers. Britain, origin of English language is seeking teachers from India as they find it difficult to recruit them locally. Toasts and sandwiches now you can get even in rural Indian restaurants. It is becoming part of life against their ancient habits. Art and architecture too is taking a new shape, globally. Parents feel in seventh heaven if their kid can find job in USA.
So the culture is changing. But now, why USA? Why every talent wants to rush to America? Is it because money is there? No. Is it because life is cheaper over there? No. Is it because people over there are social and in welcoming mood for any race that is biting their share of fortune? It again is not the fact. Why not Russia that had been equally powerful till recently to make individuals feel it could become their future and haven for the sake of good times? Why not UK that had been ruling half the globe in recent past? Why not Germany that is so peculiar in thoughts and actions with an amazing progress?
Why China can pose a threat to global economy and not Germany or UK?
Why India remains topper in mystical philosophical musings?
Why till this date Greek Philosophers and scientists overpower not only literature but also science and languages of today?
Questions are innumerable. But the fact remains that today world is in process of forming a global culture on the epicenter of USA adding international hues to it, but from the same belt I am discussing.

But that is different.

Suppose someone stumbles upon our civilization after many a centuries when our modern civilization becomes extinct, what he or they will derive about us from the remains that this civilization might leave behind? What would they find as the proofs to weigh our culture?
Certainly our paintings that may defeat the curse of the fading with time. May be our sculptures and our monuments. May be our books that could be deciphered by the people alien to our links of civilizations. Or may be that from stored voice data and films they may or may not be able to read or view or listen what was left behind with their own apparatus?
There always is vital possibility that there exists no link between two societies, may it be in same region. Red Indian culture is an extinct in its own homeland. We still are unable to read Indus script. Egyptian culture too is extinct in its own land no matter what a great monuments they left on sands of the time. There are examples, and eye opening examples that though the ancient culture do exist in its own form, few aggressors do boast that they were one who introduced the culture that in fact had already prevailed. This is way of deception adapted by those who were defeated and yet remained free to claim it was them who taught the culture to the mass of ignorant, no matter whether their claim stands upon realistic grounds. This in particular has happened in India and in some parts of Europe.
As a rule, when conquerors rule that lands in question leave their strong footprints on the society they rule. Egypt today is Muslim country for Muslims not only ruled this land but converted populace to its religion. Wherever Christians went they first destroyed the local faith to make Jesus great in their eyes. If it was the same case with Aryans, that claim to be first invaders, today their Gods and rituals would have ruled Indian psyche and life. But, however, their praised gods have no significance in Hindu society.
The present Americans, child of the destiny, hailing from many a nations and vagabonds from their place of origin at the cost of local culture claim to be the people who established a New World. Criminals condemned in their own societies, from where they have come, those countries still continue to fight with each other. The criminals and aggressors of the past, condemned in their own nation when in particular land could achieve that their own nations of origin could not.
The culture of recently born in America is unique in its own sense, for its good and worst.
Why? The Europeans migrated in many other lands in unison. Even in South Africa. The initial fights inside within seized to be to make a uniform community when we consider colonies that were established by Europeans. Today Europe dances on the tune of USA. But still no match with America, either politically or scientifically.
Why this could have happen?
Why the world of today has essentially to be under obligation of this very country, when previous USSR and today’s Russia still remains a largest country?
Is it verdict of destiny or there are other parameters we have obviously overlooked?
Why till this date the country like India, lacking in independence has to play an important role when global politics comes in the picture? Why the tiniest country like Japan, that was paralyzed in Second World War is becoming a financial superpower? Why the country like China, having most hated system of governance is being wooed by the western world?
What is culture after all?
What is polity after all?
And why the comparatively outcast and lesser children of the society when migrated to America become a valuable part of a superpower, and not in the country of their origin?
Was it just because the system attracted the intelligence to use it to its fullest? What made the established one to welcome the foreign intelligence? At the cost of asking for competition? When employment rate was declining for Americans?
What made Indians to develop their own cryogenic engines or super computer or nuclear weapons without seeking help from outer world when economically it is a poor country? How China could explode nuclear warheads in sixties?
Arsenals too form a culture to make one bolstered on political grounds. World have learnt at least that though it keeps on building defenses all the time that it cant be only arsenal that can safeguard its own territories.
But then, again, have a look at map and tell me who are those countries, superpowers in nuclear technologies and just go on pin pointing them.
Culture is a blend that makes a great wine.
Bitter sometimes and yet intoxicating.

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एक क्षण असा येतो

एक क्षण असा येतो
पशुनाही बळ देणारा
स्वातंत्र्य - समता- बंधुत्वाच्या
गप्पा सांगणारा...
माणसाना जिवंत जाळत
नपुंसकतेच्या घोषणा करणारा..
मेलेल्याला सन्मानपूर्वक
पुन्हा जाळले नाही
यावर चर्चा घडवणारा
एकाला सन्मानपूर्वक जाळले
यावर जळणारा...
एक क्षण असा येतो..

एक क्षण असा येतो...
माणसे पशु होतात
केवळ भांडायचे
म्हणून भाडतात
शांत नभाची पटले
भुंकून फाडण्याचा
अक्षम्य प्रयत्न करतात...
जातींच्या विरलेल्या वस्त्रांतून
आपली खुरटी शिस्ने
समतेच्या गप्पा हाकत
ग्वाही देतात...

एक क्षण असा येतो...
तोंडे लपवत
खोट्या प्रोफिल बनवत
हे हिजडे दुसर्यांच्या
गांडा मारण्यासाठी
सज्ज होतात
हिजडेच ते...
स्वतः बुरख्या आडेच दडलेले असतात...
स्वताच्या गांडीत दम
नाही म्हणून...
पण एक क्षण असा येतो...
यांची ती उघडी पडते...
कावळेही चोच मारणार नाहीत
एवढी ती सडलेली असते...

एक क्षण असा येतो
मेलेलेही जागे होतात
भुताळ हवेतही श्वास घेवू लागतात
हरपले ते मिळवण्यासाठी...
पुन्हा तयार होतात...
पण त्याना
पुन्हा गाडायला
हे हिजडे
सज्ज होतात...

हा लढा असाच चालू राहणार...
आणि मर्दांतील...

एक क्षण असा येणार...
जो जीवन्तान्चा उद्गार
सत्याचा असेल...

तो येणार...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Speech on release of "The Awakening..."

माजी पंतप्रधान, महाविद्वान कै. नरसिंह राव यांनी माझ्या "द अवेकनिंग" या इंग्रजी कादंबरीचे २ मे, २००२ रोजी दिल्ली येथे हयात मध्ये प्रकाशन केले होते...म्रुत्युवर चिंतन करणा-या या कादंबरी प्रकाशनावेळीचे माझे हे प्रास्तविक भाषण...मा. श्री. राव नंतर जे बोलले त्या विद्वत्तेला तर तोडच नाही...
Image result for sanjay sonawani the awakening

I do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards Hon’ble Mr. Narasimha Rao for releasing my novel at his auspicious hands. This is a dream evening for me.

In brief I would like to tell why I wrote this novel “The Awakening”.

Yakshya in Mahabhrata had posed a question before Yudhisthira, “what is the funniest thing in humane life?” Wise Yudhisthira had answered, “funniest thing on this earth is, the people those all the time see some or other die, always are confident that death never will grab them.” Yes, this really is a funniest thing. This is why people kill people, in wars, in riots, in terrorist attacks…as if human life has no value whatsoever. Death dances on this earth in its vicious forms. And yet we are not ready to learn a lesson from death, no matter whether it is human doing or nature’s wrath. It was Gautam Buddha, who left his house in the quest of attaining eternity because he had come across the brutal truth of the life, death. That changed him overnight. He became an eternal seeker. But, if we look at the current world, it seems that death is begetting the death. We certainly are living on the vortex of violence, Lord Rama too would have felt ashamed of.

Since primitive times death has ruled very psyche of the mankind. They were afraid of death that suddenly would pluck away the life force from their or others body. The primitive concept of religion emerged from the very existence of the death they had no solution for. Creation of God’s, their being immortal, supernatural was sheer imagination of terrified mankind. Religions too appeared one after other to subdue the fear of the death, values and principles were created to beat or prolong the death. Millions of rituals, faiths, ways of life were discovered to console the feared mankind. It was nothing but a solace. “Jeevet Sharadah Shatam…”, prayed Vedics, for people wanted to live as longer as they could. Stories of humane immortals like of Callipso in Homeric epics or sapta Chiranjeeva in Indian myths was nothing but a consolation to the troubled minds. Egyptian’s mummified dead with only hope that some day they will come back to the life. Christians do bury the dead with the only hope that on the day of judgement the Lord will awaken all the dead and he will pass his judgement.

Hindu philosophers as usual were wise. They provided a simple solution to a most complicated question to its followers stating that it is body that dies, soul is immortal. Like a person that changes from one to other home, it too changes the body. Millions of Hindu believes in this philosophy. Same time there are many those tend to trust if they perform certain kind of tantrik rituals, they can put life in dead. They can become immortals. A quest to equal with the gods is still all awake not only in the so called ignorant orthodox masses but in so called modern scientists too. Stories of hundreds of sages who are living for centuries too are a matter of common gossip and faith in the world. Also many do tend to trust in the concept of reincarnation of not only God’s but sages too. The concept of sins and virtues are connected with nothing but death or life after the death. Horrifying pictures of hell are created only to threaten people.

World today has developed a new concept of terrorism, it is nothing but psycho-transmutation to enforce ones fear on others. Those who, in their own schizophrenic paranoia tend to shed blood, only because they themselves are afraid of their own existence, is a matter of concern for the modern world. We have today lot many groups of this kind. Laden too is no exception and nor the America.
In fact entire human society is living on the breath of fear and day after day, true or false, fears are getting intense. Everybody is afraid of others. Everybody is seeking security, either in masses of his likes or in law. And unfortunately it appears that it has psycho-transformed in the some segments in the form of the violence. As Mahatma Gandhi had said, violence is nothing but cowardice. Cowardice comes to those only who are terrified.

In a way till today death rules our life. Our faiths, our sentiments and our dreams are influenced by the very fact named death we want to neglect, as Yudhisthira had said in Mahabharata. Our scientists want to discover the genes that can help human being to live longer. They want to recreate a living being in the form of cloning. In fact each and one want to be immortal, thinks he is immortal. Same time, irony is, the same mankind keeps on inventing new tools to massacre people. This is the way our modern times have been shaped.

I started writing this novel 4 years ago though concept was shaped in my mind almost over 7 years ago. I wanted to explore in the matter of the death through primitive perspective, for I know rational minds tend to be rather argumentative than practice. Though unfortunately we tend to think of primitives, as ignorant herd of irrational mindsets, we can not forget it were those who created the monuments that even after applying our present technology, we never can recreate or replicate them.
Every society has its own needs and all the discoveries are nothing but psychological needs of those particular times. If we ask why they wanted to build pyramids, the answer is why do we then need atom bombs? Why do we need probing satellites or superior techniques that can kill maximum people in a moment? It has become our psychology that we need killing and we are having it. Hindu’s say kill Muslim and Muslim say kill Hindu’s for it has become question of survival and co-existence. In same breath Israelis are killing Palestinians and vis a versa. There are enemies of America those want to destroy it and at the same time, America wants to command every particle of this earth. Scales of enmity and destruction may be different, but fact remains that everyone is in the process to threaten others mortally. We have reached a phase, from creation to destruction.

I, in this novel, chose primitive times to shape my story, for I only could find simple minded people in those ancient times. Where ethics were simple and direct, philosophies not as complicated, as we have today that no one ever practices. It helped me to create the characters that could suit my primitive mind. I time-transcended Sheba of Jericho, who happened to live in the times of King Solomon to the contemporary era of Jesus Christ. Sheba in this novel is not the historical Sheba, though, nor is the Jericho. The quest of attaining immortality that was seeded in her by a slave, with whom, as a ritual, she had had sex and was about to slain him to bath in his blood that could bring her the supreme beauty, changed her.

But are the changes enough? Most of the times seekers never reach to any solution or destination, no matter how many pains they has to undergo in their quest. But there are people, who never can explain why they are living the life the way they are, they don’t have Guru’s nor they practice anything to attain physical or spirituals bliss, they simply live the life the way it comes to them, without remorse or rejoice. They are one who truly does meet the difference between life and death. Let us not forget that knowing the truth, realizing the truth and practicing the truth are altogether different things. This is what I have tried to explain in this novel.

A petty being I am and yet I have tried to take a large bite I am not capable enough to intake by writing this novel.

I again express my gratitude towards Mr. Rao for his kind blessings. I know my speaking before him is nothing but a babble of a child. But I pray to forgive me for my impudence. I thank all the dignitaries and guests present for being patient with me.


Bharat Mukti Morcha…Pls answer these questions…..

I have few unambiguous questions to the followers of Bharat Mukti Morcha or Bamsef led by Mr. Waman Meshram…

I would be , and for that matter each and one, will be too happy to have answers to these questions…

a. When “Mulnivasi” (Aboriginal theory has been outdated since 1952,) how you (So-called Mulnivasi’s) the people claim you are aboriginals?
b. Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) has been refuted on every ground of archeological proof and written documentation, why it is till popular with (Either for hatred or for nourishing superiority complex…) amongst Mulnivasis and some Brahmins like Dr. M.K Dhavalikar?
c. Do you know what is meaning of aboriginal? If yes, pls explain it.
d. Do you know what is meaning of Brahmin explained by the very aboriginal texts? (Such as Upanisqadas, Mahabharat, etc.) If yes, pls provide those definitions.
e. All the time you change frequently your stances…sometimes against Shivaji…some times against Phule and sometimes against yourselves. Pls explain why this is so.
f. I would like to know what do you mean by exactly who are aboriginals? Dalits, Bhoomihars, Kshatritys, Vaishyas, nomadics, Marathas, kunabis…List is long, but I would like to know who you think are aboriginals and who are invaders…Pls provide me the list…
g. You the people all the time give fake reports on DNA tests, but the fact is DNA test is not meant for deciding race…but just ancestry…if you don’t know this, why spread hatred based on your own ignorance…?
h. Brahmin scholars of the past and the present like Dr. M.K. Dhavalikar…are nothing but fools enriched on their own superiority complex…but what difference is between them and you? I feel, in fact you are filled up with inferior complex…and that’s why you are instead of understanding your own roots, attempt to bash the things those are in fact your own folly.
I. Why till this date Mr. Waman Meshram bears name "Waman" though he knows, waman was the impersonated man who had assassinated Lord Balee...

Any way…these are the questions and I seek explanations without pride and prejudice…then shall we discuss it further…


Monday, January 24, 2011

टाटांचे मीठ खायचे...

टाटांचे मीठ खायचे...
बाटांचे बूट घालायचे...
लेविस्ची जीन घालायची
चीतलेंचे दुध प्यायचे...
इटालियन पिझ्झा हवाच हवा
वाढदिवसाला केक नको असे कोण म्हणतो?
गाडी खराब झाली तर
मुस्लीमाच्याच गराज मद्धे झक मारत जातात,
अमेरिकन कंपनी मस्त पगार देत असेल...तर हवाच कि नाही?
आणि cheenee kampanine dilaa
तर kay jhale?
Hindi-cheenee भाई-भाई... mhanayalaa mokale...
paN neheruna shivya denyachee sandhee soDaayachee nahee...
आणि तरी आम्ही म्हणतो...
इटालियन रक्त या देशात चालणार नाही...
ख्रिस्त्यांचे वर्चस्व सहन करणार नाही...
paN valentine day
saajaraa kelyaakhereej jagu shakanar nahee.

eka वयोवृद्ध माणसाची हत्या करणार्याचा gourav karaNyaat
aaleey kasalee laaj?
pahaavaa तेथे disatoy jateenchaa maaj...

jhaale udand
te te tyanchya jateent jhaalet बंदिस्त...(केले बंदिस्त...)

त्यांना ghalu kahee haar आणि jamateel tevaDhyaa shivyaa
या "देव्भूमीवर (?)" जन्म
पुन्हा kashala hava?

अहो फुसके विचार
फुसके आचार
ती व्यर्थ aakrndane
te phasave prachaar

"satya केले gvaahee..."
mhane tukaaraay...
khotyashee maandalaa
asaa jo soholaa
laaj नाही manaa..

tyana Bheemsen jee gele..
te brahman hote...(ase mhanatat...)
mahaa gaayak hote...
aavaajaalaa jaat asate kaa?
tyani tukobanche abhang gayale nahi mhanun kay jhale?
Chokhoba... kanhopatra...naamdev
theek aahe
pan tumhee tari kaay kartavya केले?

he asech aahe...
asech chalaNaar
laaj vesheevar TaangaNaar...

Jay ho...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MYSTERY OF CULTURAL BELT : (Chapter 2: "What is Culture?")

Let us begin from beginning. We in this way or that keep on mentioning culture from different point of views to explain or deliberate values or virtues of the individuals or group of people or society as a whole. Culture is a way society or individual expresses its inner form. For any nation or to us or to any society culture is a soul that drives the mankind ahead and governs the psyche of the people living in the society. When we say culture that begins with beliefs, faiths in general we mean to say that those are generally accepted principles of ethics that are followed by the society as a whole or individual that lives in the concerned society. Also the art, literature, architecture or performing arts that demonstrate peculiar way of thinking of the society form the part of the culture. Political system and the way it is implemented too form a part of culture. That may include en numbers of points that makes the culture, and we always find that culture varies with geographical location to location in distinct manner. When we say culture varies that does mean that there are significant differences in beliefs, ways of life, customs and art that drives the particular society located in certain geography.
The question always has been discussed in the principles of ethics as to how to judge an individual or society is cultured or uncultured. It is a question that runs parallel with concepts of good and bad that vehemently are being discussed in the philosophy since wake of civilizations. To determine barbarians were bad culture and Greek was great can not be concluded for it is human trait that drives as to in what form it is going to choose to express its inner form. Egyptians loved to build huge structures and formed their religion and political system of their own whereas Greeks never established any religion but devoted themselves to discuss fundamental questions in systematic manner while building miraculous structures that even today inspire our world. Mongolians loved to conquer lands and wipe out whatever came in their way in violent manner. They didn’t establish empires or political system or permanent settlements or monuments those could remind centuries to come what was their way of thinking was. Though they ruled China too for some time marks of their footprint are rare. Indians preferred to build a civilization that ran parallel with spiritual thinking as well as materialistic approach towards life. They had mastered art of architecture, had developed their script and various religions/sects to suite different segments of the society. How are we going to determine what made one civilizations better over other for there can’t be certain parameters to decide on. The question will always arise whose criterion has to be taken as ultimate measure. What matters is, whether good or bad, cultures did flourish in this particular belt in question that have either way left the influential marks for us to notice, analyze and understand. Creation and destruction goes hand in hand, if Indians were creative Mongols were destructive. If creation is part of culture destruction too is. And to my surprise both cultures flourished in same belt if we look carefully in history.
Culture bears hundreds of aspects and is a most vibrant thing that thrives in the societies to make them ride on the waves of progress. Culture rises and declines; may be at the attack of vandals to give way to new way of life or collapses when internal pressures become unbearable. Culture flourishes through the art…may it be drama, sculpture, paintings, structures, dances, music or any branch of the art that helps one to express his inner self. Culture means the army, protective strategies and offence against other society. Principles of ethics don’t ascribe the good and bad of any society because it always is difficult to determine who is best and who is not for there can not be a concrete judgement from any impartial individual or society.
Culture evolves through science, trade, commerce, industry and loyalty to the professions one adopts because it is not only art that expresses inner self of individual. Aztecs, Arabs, Indians, Phoenicians etc. were great traders those dared vast oceans to trade various kind of merchandise with far away continents.
Culture too includes probing community, inquisitive community, questioning community though the numbers on inquisitors may be small or larger. This has made former civilizations superior over rest of the world. Greeks probed in the matter of fundamental sciences, Indians probed in to origin of universe and science that governed the life. Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs and Greeks developed their own calendar. Indians knew 1400 years ago that earth was spherical and circled around the sun, knew close value of the pi and discovered zero. They probed in matter of life and death while developing principles of life that could make a better society.
Culture too mean the way people in general look at the life. The way community thinks in general results in its consolidated expression through their physical work. The expression results in creativity or destruction; may be through the art, religion or science or industry. It all depends on inevitable driving force that thrives in a society or civilization. Individuals driving force may vary but entire societies driving force and its outcome in toto reflects what the society is and what kind of values are at display.
Whenever we form an opinion about any culture we derive it from total impression we get from written or monumental proofs.
But what we mean exactly by the word “Culture”?
We simply mean (I am not defining here but going in general sense.) the culture is overall expression of the society in its acceptable or unacceptable norms and forms of life. The standards to rate the culture may differ from person to person or society to society. Every society, many a times tries to look contemptuously upon other society. Many a times they don’t want to know/understand other cultures for they think the culture they live in is superior over others. The cultural egos, thinking that they are only superior, have resulted in many vindictive wars to overpower other culture they hate. Crusades between Christians and Muslims are not only an example but also Muslim v/s Hindu, Hindu’s v/s Buddhists, Christian’s v/s Jews too form a part of superiority complex/ egoism to lead a vindictive terrorism even in our modern times.
There have been plenty of wars in the past that was not only fought for land or woman or expanding empires but to mitigate other cultures. In very recent times Europeans not only occupied vast lands of America but also destroyed the local culture. Intolerance is not a new thing in our human history. Hence, as I have said earlier, creation and destruction both form a part of culture or civilization in question. There simply are no grounds to determine what is good and what is bad for principles of ethics too is creation of egotism.

But still the remains of all the ancient cultures are so dominant that when we look at them we shouldn’t be prejudiced for it is a heritage that has made the world we live in today. Forget those vandals’ likes of Taliban’s that not only gunned down ancient heritage against global protests for again it is part of the culture that is being developed in this belt. If we look at dangerous territories those have threatened the global peace you will find all these tension zones are located in this very cultural belt, no mater whether it is Iran, Iraq, middle east or Pakistan or Afghanistan. These parts of world, no matter whether their vindictiveness can be justified or not, is driving modern times with a threat of destruction. And all modern superpowers that too are not lesser vindictive, are up to establish their unquestionable rule too hail from this very belt, no matter whether it is China, Iraq, or America. Ironically those are Gulf Countries who command modern economy for it is a region from where black gold is pumped out to help run your automobiles. And to think of it, it was the region where many ancient civilizations flourished against wrath of the nature. Three major religions that till date command the religious life of 2/3 global populace was gift of this very land. Should we begin to think that the creative land of past now has become a threat to our world. I think not. It is we who in the process of bringing new order have inevitably forgotten that suppressing a culture for political reasons yields nothing but disaster. Till the time local geography determines the voice of people, no superpower can rule permanently that region unless mass massacre is enforced. History is best proof to support this statement.
No matter even if Mongols changed course of history of many territories by atrocity could not leave permanent footprints of their own culture, though they had conquered half of the globe. Temporarily may it be so that few of the minorities ruled the vast lands and population, with shift of the time they had to meet the inevitable. This applies to vandals and barbarians in same breath. Conquering Iraq or finding Osama Bin Laden can not serve the purpose for very essential principle of any culture is too difficult to analyze on the grounds of superficial analysis that is going to deceive you in long course of time. The theory I am proposing is not for fun sake but I hope that some day it is realized that local geography matters, no matter how powerful you are. USA failed inevitably in Vietnam because it couldn’t understand the geographical limitations that made the civilization that is today. USA never could tame China, no matter how many sanctions it enforced on it. Saddam Hussein till this date couldn’t be dethroned even after many ploys were designed by CIA to assassinate him. He still rules his country in his arrogant manner to the pains of USA, no mater how they have tried to use money to bribe his close associates. (Saddam Hussein was alive when I had written this chapter. Rest of the history is known to each and one.)
To say the least, this belt in question still is alive with its every prospectus that makes today’s world as it is.

But the societies of the past in question should not be looked upon with prejudiced mindsets when history is repeating itself with opposite or semi opposite turns of events. Even if they no more co-exist now in its own form that used to be in their own times for our world can not neglect that it was the belt that survived to form this modern times. Those are the same people from this very same belt that rule our times, socio-politically as well as with science and literature and arts.

To say the least, when back to subject, what we have today to examine these cultures are the remains of their creative minds. The great structures, paintings or epics or philosophy or religious texts and history are the only mediums to make us realize what aspirations had made form the cultures that till today keep on influencing us, either way. Actually we are no better than they were. In fact we stand upon the foundation so strongly they have built for us.

(Next Chapter: “What is culture (B)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery of the cultural belt (Chapter one...)

There are many things that we observe and are used to in our day-to-day life and still the essence or peculiarity of the thing in question remains unnoticed. Didn’t it happen about the gravitation? Mankind from milleniums was observing the very phenomena that every object that is thrown up falls down. Or the stream flow downward or rains fall down from the sky or meteors plunge upon the earth. But to notice this significance and a first probe to inquire into this phenomena world had to wait till Newton. (However Varahmihira can be called real pioneer of this invention though he didn’t produce any mathematical model.) There are many such things that can be taken as an example that often baffles us, making us wonder why we did not noticed them before.
Many things that prima facie appear so complicated and difficult to reason about finally appears to be so simple when known about them and have understood.

Here I am to introduce you another peculiar fact that has been overlooked for centuries by us.
Have you ever have looked at the world map?
A stupid question indeed you must be feeling, because everybody from schools to his career life not only had a look at the map but has studied and used it.
What is peculiarity about this? Everything is right there where it should be. May be disputable boundaries among nations have been wrongly drawn. May be the name-change nation pose with their olden names on the map you are using.
But that is not the peculiarity I want to bring to your notice.
It is entirely different and as baffling as the invention of gravitation had been. Or when Hubble declared Universe was not stable as it was believed to be but in fact was expanding in as near as speed of light.
So as far as world map is concerned what could be so special about it? I asked many professors that taught geography in Universities, they thought I must be crazy. What could be wrong with the maps except trifle mistakes? There is no island unexplored. There is no ocean one has overlooked. North Pole is where it has to be and so the south pole. True those continents are shifting by an inch every year but you just can not show that negligible change on the world map and who needs it?
I thought I had questioned wrong people. Then I approached Historians and asked them whether they have sensed any peculiarity about the civilizations?
They had lot to say. They were telling me how Indus civilization had influenced the globe or how Aryans that had invaded Indian lands, had not only taught culture to the Dravids but to the rest of the world as well. They even told me how Latin and Greek and ancient languages were emerged from Sanskrit. They told me how Aryans ventured remote islands and continents to teach the culture to the local ignorant inhabitants. They also told me how a civilization does flourish. What are those influences, natural or circumstantial that helps civilization to scale new heights and why dark ages do occasionally befall over every civilization and ways to overcome them.
But then they hadn’t understood significance of my question. They were masters in the concerned discipline with all smaller or larger prejudices one do possess in normal course of life when one thinks his opinions values.
But this was not to avail of my query.
I wondered…I simply wondered.

But the I stopped querying with others and started a mission on my own to find out root causes of the peculiarity I had noticed in the map…. The peculiarity was so simple and yet intriguing that I had to launch my own investigations. The investigations did confirm my point, but then it WOULDN’T suffice. You have to come up with a theory as well that can solve the mystery.

We talk about the civilizations, cultures, religions and languages. World has many ancient civilizations and still their remains strike us with immense amazement. Many civilizations have survived through the perils of time with some modifications in an attempt in order to adjust with the changing times, still having the same traits. The ancient places still attract the travelers throughout the globe. One wonders at the supremacy in art and culture our forefathers did achieve without known means. All the global heritage certainly has been great asset of today’s society, though there have been savage tribes that can destroy such treasures for the sake of fanaticism for religion, Taliban is a finest example that gunned down the ancient statues of Lord Buddha. But in a way another savage culture flourishes there in this or that disguise.
We know what were those kingdoms or empires or civilizations that ruled the past not only under political rule but with undeniable influence over the rest of the world.
Mind me when I say past, it is before Christ. When I say present it is after Christ.
Also we know of the countries that rule present world, not only economically but culturally as well.

We certainly have studied or at least are aware of the ancient civilizations, from from Egyptian to Mesopotamian. From Sindhu culture to the Chinese and Japanese culture. Still western world is influenced by Greek culture that was followed by Roman culture. We have many ancient mysterious locations spread everywhere waiting for logical answers from modern intellectuals, like Nazca lines and pyramids. We certainly have studied ancient as well as modern cultures as it is inevitable part of our school studies and a specialized faculty in our higher education throughout the globe.
We also have learned essentials for any culture to take sprout and prosper. The ancient cultures though scarcely do exist today, but the decline and gradual extinction mainly can be attributed to the savage invaders. But again there are many cultures still do exist, may not be in practice the way they used to be in their ripe time, but its influence till can not be wiped out.
Religion has been a gift of probing mankind that in its pursuit to systemize the human life, to provide strong foundation to the society of their contemporary times and to fight against inevitable fears. There are some religions and religious beliefs that no more are practiced today any where in the world…like religion of Egyptians or of Incan’s, are the subject of study for the scholars and lot of research is going on in this field too. But at least we know the religions of past and present. We also know entire world population is divided in not more than six religions.
Religion is what that makes civilization in this or other way.
Then we come to the philosophy that is a subject that has driven mankind to the level of only intelligent being not only on this earth but also in the known universe. The great philosophers of the past have left inevasible imprints on modern philosopher so much so that no one can walk a step ahead in this realm without referring to their great works. It may be then Plato or Aristotle. May it be then Veda’s or Upanishad’s. May it be Tao or Confucius. May it be Bible or Avesta. And we are so familiar with these names and works. No one can deny their influence on our mindsets, even in present times of science and technology.
Then let us come back to the science. We tend to say science is gift of the modern world, but there is no proof to support this claim, though today’s science has been far more advanced. But the science in ancient times too was not that negligible. With no proper apparatus they invented iron, copper, bronze, gold and invented applications for them. They invented wheel and fire. Also the paper they invented that has become inevitable part of our life. They invented languages and script. They built massive structures in such a perfect symmetry and with wonderful architecture that even today we could not hope of recreating the same works. Many ideas the mythologies presented in raw manner, today we can see them in live form. Planes, space ships, atom bombs and mechanical vehicles we can find described in many mythological works from Mahabharata to Bible. The ideas were seeded in our modern scientists by the great visionaries of the ancient times. Mathematics was the great gift of the primitive societies that has been a foundation of our modern science. Most of the branches of science may be in very crude forms in those times but seemingly the present realities have sprouted from them. Not crediting them for their vision and guidance would be a grave mistake and injustice to them.
So the civilizations of the past till today impress us, haunts us.
And not that we do not know this, we know it very well because we have studied them, recited them and have brought them in practice.

So we know the world map. If not let us unfold it for a minute or two. We also know the olden civilizations, may be not completely, just vaguely, but we know them. Most of the people have read the claims of Van Donniken through his sequel on the mysteries of old civilizations. Mind please, I do not subscribe to any of his ideas that mankind was off spring of the visitors from space. I could refute his ideas on many different grounds but this also is not my subject of deliberation here.

Let us go back to the subject.
I shall request you to remember all the old civilizations, religions, great philosophers of the past, great scientific inventions of the past, great structures of the past etc.
Now the list may go as under:


A. Egyptian
B. Chinese
C. Dravidian
D. Mohenjodaro (Sindhu)
E. Vedic
F. Chinese
G. Japanese
H. Mesopotamian
I. Greek
J. Roman
K. Zorustharian
L. Aztecs
M. Babylonian
N. Iranian
O. Babylonian
P. Assyrian
Q. Judean (Israel)
R. Arabic
S. Sumerian
T. Phoenicians

(There are other cultures as well those emerged like shadow cultures elsewhere as well, but we have nothing to do with shadow cultures. Here we are talking about the cultures whose influence is still on modern society…)

Now I request you to mark geographical locations of these cultures on the world map.
Now let us consider the world’s religions that find origin in not less than two thousand years ago. Also let us consider off shoots of these main religions and their
location of origin.

The religion goes as under:
a. Hindu (which includes Shaivism, vaidikism etc.)
b. Judaism
c. Christian
d. Tao
e. Confucianism
f. Shinto
g. Buddhism
h. Jainism
i. Tibetan
j. Islam
k. Zorostharian

I shall not talk about the small cults that obviously have been influenced by above mentioned religions that might be in existence in olden times as well but should mention only those who have strongest presence even today and about 95% of the population is distributed in.
Now may I request you to mark locations of all aforesaid religions where they originated?
I shall explain every religion and civilization for those who are less accustomed with them, in forthcoming chapters, but first I would like to quench your curiosity what this is all about.
Let us have a look at the dotted map.

Now let us see what is an outcome.

What do we found? Let us mark upper and lower limits on our dots. Now let us see the geographical latitudes, upper and lower.
Now is it clear?
All the old civilizations that have flourished, all the religions that originated in ancient times are located geographically between 11 north to 41 north.

Isn’t it baffling?
Doesn’t it astonish you?
Why should all known and declined civilizations be sprout in this particular belt?
What is significance? What are the reasons?
How we could overlook it for centuries that might have helped us to probe in this mystery?
And why is this mystery and why it is that only in this region across the globe did ancient civilizations flourish?

I call this a cultural belt.

Isn’t it an astounding fact? Have we ever thought of this? Is this just coincidence not requiring special attention? Is it just the way it is or is there other certain specific reasons?
If we go on probing into this matter we confront with astounding truths.
The world is quite vast than this belt. There are multiple places that were rich with natural resources having every ingredient of raw material that are needed for birth of the civilization i.e. water, fertile lands, less volatile nature.
When we consider individual locations of the cultural belt we come across many hostile locations that hardly could have helped any kind of culture to emerge. Palestine, Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia are the finest of the examples. There were many other regions highly rich in natural resources like Brazil, Australia, and Southern part of Africa, Central Asia as well northern Europe. But no mature and cultured civilization ever developed there. They till this date remain under influence of other civilizations that fall in cultural belt. Hence the argument that only with the supportive natural conditions (Natural conditions like water, fertile land and climate) does not pass the test
The racial arguments that have been preached by many a racists and large number of population still believes, either openly or secretly in the racist philosophy, again does not stand because if again we look in to this matter with racist perspective doesn’t take us any farther but astounds us with naked facts.
Egyptians belong to Semitic group, Inca’s and Maya’s belong to so unidentifiable group, Dravids belong to Dravidian group, Chinese belongs to astro-mongoloid group and north-Indians allegedly belong to Aryan group. The races are entirely distinguishable on the grounds of anthropological seclusion of mankind. So trying to raise racial ego does not help in this case. (That we are going to debate later in depth)
Each race that inhabited in this particular cultural belt tells us how advanced were they, may be in different perspectives, but to influence our world. For example Greeks weren’t great architects. Egyptians weren’t great philosophers. Indian’s weren’t that materialistic. Chinese weren’t religious of sort. They had teachings but didn’t establish religion out of it. Roman’s hardly believed in arts. Inca and Maya people lacked in art of writing. Aryan’s lacked in writing but their ancestors, Sindhu people fairly knew how to write. There is lot of differences in each culture and ways of faiths but the fact remains they drive today’s world. They have provided innumerable material for today’s writers like Shakespeare or Dante or Virgil or Homer or Eschuleus and many more of mediaeval authors and today’s authors.
Then natural question arises how this could have happen. What could be the reasons?
There are many believers in a view that human race had only single geographical origination and then it spread throughout the globe later on. Many believe that Aryans migrated to India and in Europe and in American continent from central Asia or from Arctic region. But it has been proved a grave mistake of the scholars that tried to prove their own whims and racial ego’s.
It’s obvious that there is large gap of logic within different perspectives and points of view. There is no proof that mankind took birth at one place and then it spread worldwide as they lacked in the adequate means that would require. In same breath we again trust in Charles Darwin’s theory that mankind is evolved from monkey. In same breath we say more developed cultures traversed so far lands to dominate local cultures. They in same breath say that origin of language is singular and not multiple. In same breath they say all the mythologies find single origin.
But tragedy is they never can prove or have proved above claims to be true. For examples so called fanatic scholars from Hindu religion vehemently prove that Jesus Christ learned essentials of religion and magical powers from India. They even claim Sanskrit is the mother language of all global languages. In the contrary western pundits try to prove something in just opposite manner.
I some times feel that our so-called ideas coming from men of wisdom are so weird that they so conveniently fail to understand if Darwin is right their theories wont stand. If their theories are right they have to prove beyond doubt that indeed mankind took birth at single point and then got distributed through out the globe. If they are right then there can not be any ignorant race existing to which they could teach their culture. If mankind did exist on every corner of the globe including the secluded islands then mankind couldn’t possibly have originated at single point. If Darwin has to be taken as true then owing to the theory of evolution there must be half or partly evolved animal or mankind and that is also is not the case.
Fantastic theories of likes of Van Doniken too can not be true, as he is the great contradictor in his own theory. Some places he says mankind was offspring of aliens and apes. Some places he says space travelers imparted their knowledge with ignorant mankind.
Contradiction to such great extent is against established norms of science.

Now we know in the same breath that theory of evolution too is incorrect though the couple of observations are right. There were never Gods or outer space species landed upon this earth to result in indecipherable mysteries that haunts us today. We don’t want to trust the pyramids were built that high with well-cut stones that weigh not less than 2.5 ton each without the help of outer species or patient work of hundreds of years. This needs planning in advance even if we think that it took that much time to build a pyramid. We hardly want to believe that with lack of sophisticated knowledge of architectonic of past times then how the Buddhists or Hindu’s would have carved the rocks to form beautiful cave-temples and statues in the heart of hard mountains?
Even today we hardly can find comparable paintings that had been created by the unknown masters of the past. Cave paintings that we find painted with crude means by ancient people tell us the force of life they had within them. Paintings and sculptures of Ajanta, Ellora and Khajooraho and Alta-Mira can not stop us wondering how the people of those times would have done this. But the fact remains that without knowledge and scientific application of mind and planning such marvels couldn’t have been created.
But this we shall discuss at great length later. The question remains why these marvels can be found in this particular belt.
Why not else where, where it hardly would be difficult or rather much possible to imprint their own identity on the vast canvass of time with all the available resources and while human race in due existence?

We certainly are under misunderstanding.
We certainly have gone wrong in our past beliefs and derivations of the fact that is so obvious.
The fact remains that cultural belt indeed does exist. One can come forward with obscure examples that lay scattered in negligible numbers, but that just can not help us to prove what does not exist.
So let us probe further with more concern why and how this could have happened. Before that let us get introduced with the individual civilization and religion and culture in question.
This cultural belt has not only to do with flourishing cultures and becoming superpowers in perpetual intervals but it has much important significances. When we are going to probe further we are going to find it has been responsible for creation and extinction of many species. It is important to know how it is affecting our present and tomorrow and how we can use powers of this mysterious belt.
So let us get ready to probe further.

(Next Chapter I shall post soon, “What is culture?”)

Monday, January 3, 2011

My efforts in J & K to set up an industry…those utterly failed!

Here in brief I would like to share my experiences with J&K where I had decided to set up apple and apricot processing plants, those have been utterly failed because of the apathy of Dr. Abdulla.
The story began in 1997. I am old friend of Mr. Sanjay Nahar and I was one of instrumental in setting up organization named “sarhadd”. As I was prominent upcoming industrialist in Maharastra in those times, ( I had two listed companies at that time, and I was successfully running metal powder manufacturing factory at naxal Maoists affected Gadchiroli…) Mr. Nahar suggested me, why you don’t dare to set up a factory in Jammu & Kashmir? Idea appealed me. I always have loved challenges. I started studying overall scenario of J&K, visited the land several times and concluded that for lack of industrialization, and reducing number of tourists, overall economy is entirely collapsed. There no more exist chances of employment. Thus youth have no option left but to join militants. 

I also found that about 80,000 tonns of Apple gets rotten every year in an absence of adequate transportation/warehousing facilities and complete lack of processing units. Also I visited Leh same year and found that though apricot and potato produce of high hygienic quality is produced here, the same couldn’t be transported either to valley or in connecting states like Himachal Pradesh, thus causing losses to the farmers.
My interaction with Mr. Farooque Abdulla and then Chairman of Leh-Laddakh Hill Development Council Mr. Chevang Thupstan were encouraging in the beginning. I came back to Pune loaded with various kind of data that would help me to take proper decisions as to what kind of processing form we had to choose and how the end product could be marketed. 

My technocrats and food processing consultants suggested me to have a apple, apricot and potato dehydration unit…the dehydrated product could be in the form of chips or powder that could have good global as well domestic market. In the beginning of 1998 I visited several units in India and in Holland and England to understand technology and market. The results were far more encouraging. I again visited Leh and Shrinagar to understand the difficulties that we might have to confront. During this visit I visited Army Commanders to understand local need of the end product…( Leh-laddakh is almost closed for about six months and army have to depend mostly on packed food…I saw an opportunity in this…). Also I noted the condition of armed forces stationed in such remote areas where they simply were cut-off from civilized world during winter. 

At the same time an musical album was being created on my lyrics from an anthology “Monsoon Sonata”, I decided to launch the same in Leh. Senior Editor of Kashmir Times, Mr. O.N. Koul liked the idea so much so that he contacted all the army and civil authorities about the proposed launching ceremony at Leh along with musical entertainment program not only for the civil people but for armed forces as well. Thus, in the winter, when temperature was as bellow as minus 16 degree, in the month of November 1998 we, along with a band, we reached Leh. First performances were for Armed forces and I still cannot forget every moment of the enjoyment that we could give to the soldiers. On 16th November 1998 the launching ceremony took place on Polo ground in the chilling weather. Almost 80% Of Leh populace had gathered on the Polo ground. They were dancing and enjoying every moment. When I declared I am going to set up an industry, there was great applaud from the gathering. I was almost on tears…

My feeling is, if I had achieved something, I could make the soldiers and people happy with entertainment in the times none used to visit Leh-Laddakh. You will be surprised to know, the practice of shooting at Leh Laddakh began after our venture, as a team of Music India Channel had accompanied us… and they really promoted laddakh in massive way.

Anyway, later on we prepared project report, plant and machinery was finalized, then Jammu Kashmir Banks Chairman had agreed to finance the project. Mr. Abdulla seemed quite happy that someone from Maharashtra is trying to set up first unit here that would process about 18000 tons of agriculture produce every year. 

Then where project did stuck?

You the friends are aware of a great leader (?) from Maharashtra who is close friend of Mr. Abdullah. Secretary of Mr. Abdullah told me later that because I had not contacted this Powerful leader, he has questioned “fundamentals” of the project and now you need to meet “Him” personally to convince about your project.

I am not used to politics and why I needed to convince him? 

If my project fails for any reason me and my directors are responsible and have to pay as long as the loan is not repaid, being guarantor. I was not seeking any special grant from the J& K government. As I left ministry office I darted at the Jammu-kashmir Times’ office and in feat of anger criticized Mr. Abdullah so much so that it became front page story of the newspaper, next day. 

I was summoned specially by Mr. Abdullah, he was obviously upset with me. He said, “Young man, what’s the harm with you meeting personally Mr. Pawar?”

I bluntly told him, “Sir, I am setting up unit in Kashmir, not in Maharashtra. My concerns are National…not just selfish…if I start unit here, others too will follow the suite…creating employment in Kashmir which is need of the time and future.”

He gave a pleasant smile, shook hands with me and said, “come next time, we may have fruitful discussion…”

Meeting ended. I embarked evening plane…completely disappointed and returned to Pune via Delhi.
The project that already had cost me for over 22 lakh Rs. had to be abandoned. I never wanted to appease any so-called local leader. This is not in my blood. 

I am telling this episode for only reason that whether politicians want to resolve the problem of people? Of unemployment in the regions those are almost has become pro-terrorism. 

And my question is why they should not?

Unless and until we can provide the bordering States secured atmosphere, employment and futuristic vision, and national brotherhood...shown by us by at least making visits to their regions, how we can subjugate terrorism? Sitting in the cozy chairs it is easy to blame the people of any creed or race or religion tose promote terrorisim, but the people who claim to be democratic representatives of such people have no more right to claim to be humanistic…forget nationalistic.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Applying "Theory of others" how India can become superpower?

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India is dreaming of being a superpower in the next 10 years. The dream seems great, as it always is. Everybody will love it if it really happens so. On the doorsteps of the new decade, I wondered if this dream practical or just a hype? The last decade has been of scams of extreme scales. If there is so much so money with the corporate to bribe up Ministers to the level unthinkable, one can conclude India really is loaded with wealth to acquire greater wealth. And it seems to be a fact though the wealth is limited to certain groups. The thirst unquenchable is still thriving in the greedy leaders those are originally hailing from the communities those were deprived of wealth in the past. Or to put this up in a different way, their imagination of wealth was limited to the extent that had lesser driving force to cross the limitations of social/ethical barriers. But now we have a different picture that shows ethics/morals have been reduced to the petty level so that each and one can easily trample them, to boast of their supremacy over people in general.

However, the effect of these happenings, in the present decade we have entered into, could be far severe…irreparable that can plunge entire Indian society into an unfathomable crevasse from where even popping up will be impossible.

I am not trying here to be pessimistic. I just want to discuss why we should become a superpower and how and why we cannot become the superpower and how?

To begin with, let us discuss how we cannot become a superpower?

The few points I think important are listed below:

1. There is no decentralized economic development plan. Most of the regions, though having the ability to develop in agriculture/industry/new technologies, have been neglected. The effect is people are migrating from one to other places where they can find scope to their skills…this creating unnecessary strife between people. Most of the social evils have been popping up frequently because of over-populated and over-industrialized cities. 

2. This has given rise to the theory of “Outsiders”…To explain this in a simple way (psychology) the person who already has occupied a seat on the train and the person who just has been jumped into the train…and the looks they exchange…and those just could not embark on the train…what they do think…people coming into the town (Or even in any org.) from other area are despised thus creating another kind of psycho-social divide, which converts into a complex that affects the original creativity.

3. Every society needs the leaders those follow at-least basic morals, no matter even if they are in the context of present reality, India hardly have such leaders.

4. Indians mostly are (including intellectuals) drowned in the sentiment of nostalgia…and this has created another trouble. The politics of caste and creed is influencing this sentiment. Everybody is an attempt to prove how their forefathers were great in the past and how the history told is wrong…vis a vis the theory of age-old oppression is being used to counter this supremacist theory in this attempt to have another divide and is being nourished, which is harmful to the further progress.

5. When the theory of “Otherness…” is so much so prominent in India, it makes cohesive progress almost impossible. Because of fallacies of the past, it is going to be almost impossible to have a united vision that makes a country “Country”.

6. India boast of technological progress…but still it is dependent on other countries for sophisticated modern weapons, planes, submarines, and even on software platforms. If India today is good at intellectual labor, it is not taking much into the consideration the possible/emerging threats from other countries.

7. Because of the population, this seems to be a positive point for a limited period; Indians are helping other capitalist countries to grow, becoming just a market for them. We need to become manufacturing hub with greater efforts so that the over a certain span of the time, as Indian subcontinent becomes overflowed with the local quality goods/consumables in the forthcoming period. This will give an opportunity to become an exporter of the surplus goods at cheaper prices. But presently India is being used as a marketplace and not manufacturing base. This is harmful for Indian economy in longer period.

8. India, as a country, has lost its ground on the basis of religious sentiment, though few segments are in an attempt to revive it in a suitable manner.

I have quoted very a few points as above. Now I would like to propose how India can become a superpower:

1. We need to have another agriculture revolution that is and will be all the time lifeline of the humane being.

2. We need to unite, irrespective of caste and creed, irrespective of what stories of our ancient past are being told.

3. We need to replace the theory of others with the Theory of Oneness irrespective of socio-cultural differences. In fact, we need the theory of “One-ness” on every ground…including religious/racial/social/political. However, I do agree that this is almost impossible as supremacist elements have become so-much-so prominent. We need to have a social plan to fight against such elements.

5. We need to have decentralized economic policies. If Bihar till present CM, was not on verge of progress, it does means that Central Government is lacking in applying real force.

6. We need industrialization in J & K,   North-Eastern states so that the employment is created at a larger level, no matter whether Government has to suffer loss…(BETTER TO SPEND 1 BILLION EVERY YEAR ON INDUSTRIALIZATION THAN SPENDING 4 BILLION ON ARMY.)

7. We need to promote our own techniques, may it be in intellectual properties, food technology or all that has got market…but we have failed in marketing.

8. As a society, in general, we need to change our aptitude and have to become progressive, industrious and innovative in every field.

I have reasoned on how and how we cannot become a superpower. I request all of you earnestly to think over this and discuss seriously.


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