Sunday, January 2, 2011

Applying "Theory of others" how India can become superpower?

India is dreaming of being superpower in next 10 years. Dream seems great, as it always is. Everybody will love it if it really happens so. On the doorsteps of new decade, I wondered is this dream practical or just hype? The last decade has been of scams of extreme scales. If there is so much so money with the corporate to bribe up Ministers to the level unthinkable, one can conclude India really is loaded with wealth to acquire greater wealth. And it seems to be a fact though the wealth is limited to certain groups. The thirst unquenchable is still thriving in the greedy leaders those are originally hailing from the communities those were deprived of wealth in the past. Or to put this up in different way, their imagination of wealth was limited to the extent that had lesser driving force to cross the limitations of social/ethical barriers. But now we have different picture that shows ethics/morals have been reduced to petty level so that each and one can easily trample them, to boast their supremacy over people in general.

However, the effect of these happenings, in present decade we have entered into, could be far severe…irreparable that can plunge entire Indian society into an unfathomable crevasse from where even popping up will be impossible.

I am not trying here to be pessimistic. I just want to discuss why we should become superpower and how and why we cannot become superpower and how?

To begin with let us discuss how we cannot become superpower?

The few points I think important are listed bellow:

1. There is no decentralized economic development plan. Most of the regions, though having ability to develop in agriculture/industry/intellectual properties have been neglected. The effect is people are migrating from one to other places where they can find scope to their skills…this creating unnecessary strife between people within people.
2. This has given rise to the theory of “Outsiders”…To explain this into simple way (psychology) the person who already has occupied a seat in the train and the person who just has been jumped into the train…and the looks they exchange…and those just could not embark onto the train…what they do think…people coming in to the town (Or even in any org.) from other area are despised thus creating another kind of psycho-social divide, which converts into a complex that affects the original creativity.
3. Every society needs the leaders those follow at-least basic morals, no matter even if they are in the context of present reality, India hardly have such leaders.
4. Indians mostly are (including intellectuals) drowned in the sentiment of nostalgia…and this has created another trouble. The politics of caste and creed is influencing this sentiment. Everybody is an attempt to prove how their forefathers were great in the past and how the history told is wrong…in this attempt another divide has been created and is being nourished, which is harmful for the further progress.
5. When theory of “Otherness…” is so much so prominent in India, it makes cohesive progress almost impossible. Because of fallacies of the past, it is going to be almost impossible to have united vision that makes a country “Country”.
6. India boast of technological progress…but still it is dependent on other countries for sophisticated modern weapons, planes, submarines, and even on software platforms. If India today is good at intellectual labor, it is not taking much into the consideration the possible/emerging threats from other countries.
7. Because of population, this seems to be a positive point for limited period; Indians are helping other capitalist countries to grow. But over a certain span of the time, as Indian subcontinent becomes overflowed with the goods/consumables in forthcoming period, manufactured in India with their subsidiaries, may be with help of local financial contribution, those would have provided employment opportunities at large scale, wouldn’t help them survive in distant period.
8. India, as a country, has lost its ground on the basis of religious sentiment, though few segments are in an attempt to revive it in suitable manner.

I have quoted very a few points as above. Now I would like to propose how India can become superpower:

1. We need to have another agriculture revolution that is and will be all the time lifeline of the humane being.
2. We need to unite, irrespective of caste and creed, irrespective of what past stories were being told.
3. We need to outcaste (may this word be harsh) the people/leaders/thinkers those are still propagating “Theory of others”.
4. In fact we need theory of “One-ness” on every ground…including religious/racial/social/political. However I do agree that this is impossible as egoist sentiments have become so-much-so prominent.
5. We need to have decentralized economic policies. If Bihar till present CM, was not on verge of progress, it does means that Central Government is lacking in applying real force.
6. We need industrialization in J&K & North-East states so that the employment is created at larger level, no matter whether Government has to suffer loss…(BETTER TO SPEND 1 BILLION EVERY YEAR ON INDUSTRILIZATION THAN SPENDING 4 BILLION ON ARMY.”
7. We need to promote our own techniques, may it be in intellectual properties, food technology or all that has got market…but we have failed in marketing.
8. As a society in general we need to change our aptitude.

I have reasoned on how and how we cannot become superpower. I request all of you earnestly to think over this and discuss seriously.



  1. sami ramdeobaba yadav has incorporated all your 7 suggestions in aims of BHARAT is amazing that all those who love bharatmata think on similar lines.
    madhusudan cherekar.

  2. It is a good proactive discussion on how india should become superpower.Former president Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Vision 2020 is on the same topic.A lot of visionaries are working on the same cause.There are lot of difficulties but we should believe on ourselves to acchieve it.

  3. Nice analysis ! ... and I agree with what you have said !