Sunday, January 15, 2012

I wish to warn government....

Hindu’s those have been separated in over 6500 castes is not a religion but so-called confederation of castes. The seed of casteism was sowed in a fake, polluted verse in Rigveda (Purush sukta) and since then the demon have constantly been torturing social harmony of the Hindu psyche. The religion without any definition, the religion without a trace of humanity, the religion without any equality, the religion that separates a person from person, men from women and enforces demonic inhuman social laws, even in modern world persists…a shame!
I wish to draw attention of the readers towards recent shameful incident that took place at Mulgaon, Tal. Patan, Dist. Satara (Maharashtra) where a dalit woman (Dalit means those who were and to much extent still treated as untouchables) was cruelly beaten, was made semi naked, was dragged in the streets like an animal…
Why? Because her son had eloped with a girl with a young man of higher caste. The parents enraged so much so that they gathered a mob and attacked home accusing the mother that she instigated the young man to do this “crime”. Now, when as per the constitution of the India, all are equal and have same rights, isn’t this sentiment of the parents anti-constitutional? Anyone has right to marry with anyone, if there is mutual consent, no matter what caste, creed or religion.
But the false egotism of being born in higher caste family have made these people more than primordial. They have not stepped ahead a single inch towards the demands of modern times.
But anyway, who cares for constitution? Who cares for the humanity and equality? Who cares for human natural sentiments and right to choose desired life partner?
But this is one case, hardly published in details as the media too is culprit being a part of same dangerous society. Who cares for injustice exacted upon the poor and socio-religiously considered to be unequal with other unequal’s? Brahmins treat maratha’s unequal to them…96 clan Maratha treats 92 clan Maratha unequal…and so on. This is the condition which this so-called Hindu society lives in.
But the more and more injustice has been exacted on Dalits. One can forget past thinking Okay…it was unfortunate time…when Hindu’s didn’t know what humanity is…but on the tremendous wake of globalization, when the constitution is superior over any religious book, the Manusmruti…constitution of so-called Hindu religion still is on all awake and in practice denying all fundamental elements of human rights.
Every day there are at least hundred cases of atrocities. Only few surfaces to receive utter negligence of the higher caste people…and outcry of few dalits…no one to listen to them! Misuse of economical and political power of the high-caste people in an order to keep their voice suppressed. They have won. Manusmruti have won.
I think, demand of separate dalitsthan was really right. But unfortunately all dalits too don’t think they are equal. The seeds of separation were seeded in the minds of all Hindus so that no caste, no matter where belongs to higher, middle or lower caste should come together, hand in glove with other caste’s to fight against social inequality….makers of it.
Here, out of my angst, pains and being a humane, I think, such brutes those behave, trample humanity on the basis of caste should be executed publically. They should be given in the hands of the public to decide their fate. Here I may sound anti-constitutional, but if demand of publically hanging of any terrorist has not been considered anti-constitutional, I herewith demand at least for once let public decide the fate of the culprits.
I wish to warn government, religious bodies and the society, those still are busy in preserving the anti-social elements in the name of religion that if you don’t stop from committing heinous crime against humanity, constitution only because you are in majority and on paper upholders and maintainers of the constitution, the outcry will turn in outrage. The outrage will turn to violence…and violence will turn to anarchy.
It is in your hands what to choose.

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  1. सर आपन कुणबी समाजा विषयी, अगदी बरोबर फरक सांगीतला आहे.
    सर मराठवाड्यात अक्करमाशी-बारामाशी मराठा असा फरक आहे.
    अक्करमाशी समाज मागासलेला,व्यसनाधीन,शेतमजुर,भूमीहिन,मजुर,अत्यंत गरिब.तसेच आक्करमाशी-बारामाशी ह्या मध्या बेटी व्यवाहर होत नाही .
    सर माझा अक्करमाशी समाजाची सुधारणा करायची आहे,आपले सहकार्य मिळेल का.