Monday, November 9, 2015

Liberate yourself first!

From millenniums we have been taught to be a slave, either of religion, state or community! We have been so used to the slavery that we think being in slavery is our freedom. Politically too, no matter who are in the power, indigenous or foreign, we always were oppressed pawns! The degree of oppression varied but it didn’t vanish. We are told that there was golden age in remote past in India, but the social history contradicts this claim. It could be a golden age for some, not for the common people!

We the Indians believe that the conditions of present pitiable life are product of the sins committed in past life and thus faithfully have been living it without protests. The ruling or rich or religious classes, we thought, must have accumulated many righteous acts in their past life; hence protesting them too was a sin! Rather, not questioning the system was only righteous act that was expected from us! They used the tactic to make their life comfortable at the cost of common people!

This idea was greatest invention of India that helped tyrants to rule the masses incessantly without any need to wield the weapons or using the forces! The slavery was accepted as part of their destiny. There obviously was no need to search for optional political ideologies to strengthen the rule or oppose the rule. Priestly and political class worked hand in hand. The doctrine was rooted so much so that the people accepted most obediently the plight of their present life. Saints too were no exception. Nobody bothered for the salvation from the slavery of present material life. They all eyed on the salvation after death! There were protests long ago in the remote past to this evil thought, but they were systematically diluted in course of the time, so much so that they became distant unrealistic mythical memory!

Today, though we think we are free, our state of mind remains still unchanged. The political freedom too, which we think we have, is not the freedom in its true nature. Rather our freedom is an illusion! Our overall thinking process still works as same as it was working during the pre-independence era and in the times the feudal system had become basis of our society. It did happen simply because, since we never knew that we are been made volunteering slaves, and we loved it, there was no question to think of overthrowing the yokes of slavery forced upon us by our overall system.

Let us have a look at how the slavish mentalities still keep on haunting our life! To overthrow Vedic social system of inequality, we tried to find system of equality without abandoning the basic philosophy of inequality. Rather, what such people did was they changed their idols. They changed their scriptures and embraced the books written by the eminent personalities those were born in their caste! They changed their salutations. They nourished hatred against so-called upper class and other equivalents as well to establish their own supremacy. They too became propagandists the way so-called religious tyrants were. They too desperately fell in quest for searching of their own identities in remote past in some clans and clung to it. They also started to write the history that was suitable to their purpose. They did not think their idols of recent past too have become outdated as the knowledge and thoughts too keep on moving forth! The defeat of progressive movement was marked as soon they too followed the same rout, falsely thinking they were leading the path of freedom!

This was no different than what religious fanatics were doing! RSS all the time kept on harping of the tyranny of Islam rule thus teaching hatred to the people they thought are Hindu’s. They always spoke highly about the so-called Veda’s and infinite science loaded in it! They too embarked on a mission to rewrite history that could satiate their egos to boast of rich legacy of the past! The legacy of the only selective section of the Indian society!

In a way, we can say that this is a process of making people slaves of the past, slaves of the idols and slaves of the false identities! The master might have changed, but slavery did rule, same way as it were in the past, in different forms!

Religion, history and languages are the major tools in the hands of the people those want to be enslaved and to enslave people! Let us not forget, creating inferiority complex in some segments of the society is form of forcing slavery, no matter what mean is used! Inferiority does not allow any scope for equality! But, however, we find that all the sections of society, to establish their pseudo identities, are in quest of attaining and forcing the slavery of its worst kind!

The pity is slaves of the past try to find their self in false glory of the past. Indians have forgotten that the history did not take its course for their present convenience. History is history and it has to be evaluated without forcing present relevance’s and prejudices upon it!  History is not for anybodies convenience. But we are using the history as a tool. We are using languages too as a tool to boast of some section’s superiority over others! Language, to be brief, cannot be an invention of some isolated group of the people and taught to others. It is always a collective process. Still such philosophies are in wide circulation and commoners fall prey to them!

We need to liberate ourselves from such inhuman philosophies of the history and political sciences those are created to throw us in crevice of slavery! This is a quest in which slaves attempt desperately to make other slaves. But the fact remains, none is free. Falsehood doesn’t lead mankind anywhere. 

The problem is with our slavish mentality. Problem is with what we really think of the liberty. Problem is with our viewpoint as to how we look at our own life. Problem is with our lack of wisdom!

The process of liberation begins from We the individuals.  Unless we know what the liberty is in its real sense, mark it, we are destined to be eternal slaves of the circumstances. Many a time’s slavery is convenient because it gives false pleasure! But ultimately it swallows your freedom and forces you to be silent even if you might want to speak out sometime! Unless you are free from self-imposed slavish mentality, you will never find true political freedom!

What we aim at? We aim at the true freedom! We aim at true wisdom. We want to open the path of awakening of every self. Political freedom begins with the individual’s freedom. The freedom is from the religious tyranny, freedom from the clutches of falsely glorified history. Freedom from inferiority complex! Freedom to be an individual of own estimates.

This is all about liberty! Present politics is devoid of such liberty because they too want to use you as mere slave. They don’t want you to be an independent thinker. The independent voices are always suppressed. We don’t want our nation full of the people where individuality is at stake and risk!

When I say about liberty, I just mean to say, liberate yourself first, only then you can liberate the world around you!

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  1. प्रथम स्वत: मुक्त व्हा. छान. पण आपण स्वत: का मुक्त होत नाही? आपल्याला मुक्त होण्यापासून कोणी रोखले आहे? आपले पूर्वग्रह व अज्ञान यापासून आपण का मुक्त होत नाही? स्वत: मुक्त व्हा, हे केवळ सांगून उपयोगाचे नाही. तसे व्हायला बाह्य प्रेरणा लागतात. या प्रेरणा स्वातंत्र्य, समता, बंधुता, धर्मनिरपेक्षता इत्यादी मुल्यांवर आधारित विशिष्ट तत्त्वज्ञान, चळवळी, समाजातील आदर्श,संस्था(विशिष्ट विचारांचे तुलनात्मक दृष्ट्या स्थायी पॅटर्ण) यातून मिळू शकतात.पण या बाबी कुठे आहेत? या प्रेरणांचा शोध ही आजची सर्वात महत्त्वाची गरज आहे. कोणी हे लक्षात घेईल काय?