Sunday, December 6, 2015

SBP : On way to freedom!

Progressiveness is neither a movement nor agitation against the world. It is against the dark we are perpetually fallen in of the self imposed slavery. It is an eternal struggle to walk from dark to the Sun, where true freedom shines in the realms of humanity.

This is the path invented by the suppressed human being to free him from the clutches of the open or masked feudal and tyrant system. This is the path that leads to the unending opportunities of progress in free atmosphere, no matter whether it is education, economy, politics or expression. This is real struggle to open the doors of wisdom for everyone.

Everybody should have thoughts of his own nurtured and atmosphere so healthy and open that they develop on their own making the world beautiful. The thoughts of people developed in restricted atmosphere, without any wisdom, sometimes go so dangerous that it only produces the destructive, corrupt and terrorist minds. We want our nation to be a leading force through the endeavors of SBP together with like-minded citizens to achieve the freedom to we always were looking for!

Progressiveness is just not to deny past and abuse system and abuse some religion or caste, as wrongly assumed by some present progressives. Progressiveness is in bringing reforms in almost everything, right from Governing system to individual’s way of life. Politics to us is not just game of power;to us it is a major tool to redefine the politics to make our society liberal.  

The present mobsters in politics have stolen the freedom of the citizens, have blocked their free will and have used them as a mean to satiate their power-lust. Because of this we can see many reform bills remains stalled for decades without any resolve. The basic needs of the deprived sections of the society still remain unfulfilled and yet politicians can use them to gain power with just empty promises and money. The professionals and business community still have to make their way through the insane obstacles to achieve higher productivity. Many examples can be cited, such as about education. The worst scenario in education field has impaired the core abilities of our students making them a crowd of job seekers without developing their inborn abilities to make them experts in the areas of their natural inclination.

We cannot say this is the freedom. Swarna Bharat Party is all about liberalism. It is progressive and liberal in above explained sense. It respects individualism and insists for less interference of the government and administration in citizen’s life. Swarna Bharat Party is working in this direction…by redefining the politics.

The manifesto of SBP is available for you in following link : 

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