Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If we really are up against corruption….

Let’s assume we all the citizens of India really are up against corruption what really we can do to stop corruption at every level?

1. Don’t give any un-official cash donation to any school/college. If they demand so lodge complaints in writing to the authorities in unison. Follow-up the matter and pursue till the action taken.
2. Do not pay bribe to anyone…if demanded follow the above mentioned line of the action.
3. Do not vote anyone having criminal or corrupt background. Create awareness among common poor people not to accept money for vote. Lodge complaints as much as possible if you hear/see or sure that this or that slum/village has been paid for votes with the election commission. Ensure the matter is investigated.
4. Ensure that the cases pending in the courts about corruption are followed up with higher courts to ensure speedy trials and assist/support witnesses so that they are not threatened as easily as it happens now to change their testimony.
5. make small committees in every area of police jurisdiction, make it a point that at least the committee visits police station, at least for an hour, to observe the status of pending cases under investigation and that the police forces are doing duty in highest possible fair manner. Keep changing members of the committee periodically so that they are not bribed by the police to remain silent.
6. Ensure that if any civil work pending or created unnecessarily is complained for and followed up till either it is completed or stopped. Don’t see the face of your corporators /MLA’s /MP’s at the time of election…keep on meeting them periodically to establish dialogue about civic problems, remedies and ensuring implementations.
7. Always be informed of huge civil or other contracts and the process or conditions under which they are allotted/approved …and ensure that you get the information under RTI. If (don’t go by media hype ever) you find something is amiss or over costing, lodge protests. If needs be complain with the right authorities and forums and follow them up still they are not sized down to realistic values.
8. Keep watch on the people in neighborhood those are spending beyond their actual income abilities, may it be on birthdays/marriages or social functions….and send complaints to the Income tax authorities.
9. Keep an eye on the NGO’s you may come across, try find who are their financers, of Indian Origin or abroad, what really is their actual contribution in the field of their specific field of operation and if not satisfied lodge protests with appropriate authorities…such as Dharmaday Aayukta where they are registered and controlled by.
10. Be yourself a vigilant police. Keep an eye on newcomers in the society you are living in, be careful about neighborhood…you might spot some terrorist….

And most importantly we should decide that neither I am going to pay any bribe nor going to accept it.

This is what all of us can do. Many people have really and successfully done it. Right to Information is a weapon we already have. What we need is just give one hours time every week and Rs. 100/- every year to spend on any issue that might come across you to bring back the system in real fair motion. We have power enough to stop this if we all are really determined to stop this evil. We cannot and should not depend on any agency, no matter Lokpal or janlokpal to look after our own problems and evils. Asking for such things does only mean that we are still not ready to take any civil responsibility.

Hey friends…what do you think?

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  1. I agree...its start from us as a individual....its not wise to wait for a leader and follow...if freedom is ours, responsibilities too belong to us.