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Why Space essentially is only element?

Before I touch to the very subject, why the present theories have severe discrepancies in providing ultimate complete model of the universe that can explain everything, let me begin with the very Space…and why it has to be the only element that has become the present universe.

We have to look at the facts about the space.

1. Space, though finite, almost impossible to measure to its accuracy, with the present theories.
2. Even within the matter (i.e. atom) it is moreover the Space.
3. Quantum mechanics and field theory accepts that the matter someway modifies the space around it.
4. Space-Time curvature and its resulting to gravity have already been accepted by General Theory of Relativity.
5. hence so far accepted facts are clear that the space somehow is modified by the matter.

What is escaped?

1. The Big Bang theory considers space being abundantly available to consume rapid expansion of the universe.
2. It is conceived that the space has no role of itself in the creation of the universe.
3. Space-Time factors are considered to be together having no separate entity and qualities. This is why General Theory of Relativity holds no water in the case of Quantum Mechanics.
4. As Space is coupled with Time by the Theory in itself is a mistake as relative Time will be independent in case of every cluster, object or galaxy.
5. It is accepted in the big band theory that space can be stretched…they have given an example of a rubbery net upon which if a ball is placed and the net is stretched the distance grows though the ball is in same place. However the idea in itself unscientific as space cannot be stretched. Same time idea of balloon too is baseless.


The western scientists and philosophers are moreover influenced by materialistic philosophy of the Greeks. This philosophy (even science) requires pre-presence of the matter, no matter how dense it was, to explain creation of the universe. It gives little thought or attention to the space than it really has to be given. Big Bang Theory, when Hubble experiment proved that the far away galaxies are rushing away in alarming speed gave birth to the idea that sometime in the distant past the all galaxies must be located at a single point in highly dense form along with all the forces. The originator of the theory Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître was a Belgian priest and professor of Physics. The fact in itself proves that Lemaitre was highly influenced by the church and Pope too agreed to his theory as it suited Christian beliefs. However this theory has not been able enough to explain what force caused the very singular event of the Bang and what was the Space at that event moment that allowed highly rapid expansion of the universe in a moment after the Bang. Also it is not clear from this theory how all four forces separated from each other having entirely different qualities.

Was it any outer force that caused Bang?
Was it internal but not as yet identified force that existed within that highly condensed matter?
We get no answer here.

But, though not in clear words, the theory accepts there existed Space and Time too in some form before and after the Bang.

Thus the theories separate matter and space. Matter is pre-existent and so the space too. Now it doesn’t clarifies of what that early matter was made of and what was the source of that matter. And also of the forces those existed for unknown time in a single form. And blatantly those theories consider space to be infinite and matter finite. If their proposal, space-Time being coupled, Time too becomes infinite.

So this makes clear that there is the serious discrepancy in the Big Bang Theory (and so in Static Universe Theory & Super String Theory.) also it is overlooked that the observations made and supporting this very theory may have other explanations without hurting output of any.

Here I propose Space is finite and so the matter and force is. Matter and space are equivalent to each other. Matter and forces are nothing but the modified space-lets. The modification is owed to the imbalance caused by Space-Time fluctuation. The modification is a constant process and thus either the matter will exhibit more energy signs or decaying energy signs that we observe in the universe. This will happen only because Time and Space are separate entities and independent of each other. Time is absolute as well relative, having dual nature.

This does mean that the universe as we see it, of present or of the distant past, not necessarily mean that the far away seemingly rushing away clusters are really rushing away, as the Frame of the Time that is used for observation and the gravitational pools through which light vibrations of the particular cluster travels towards us only can be an scientifically experienced illusion. (Gravitational Lenses already do it…and is approved by the science that one can see 4 objects though it is one in reality.)

I shall write more on this in next chapter.

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