Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sonawani is no Talageri.!

No trifling thinker, this Sanjay Sonawani. His book was released by Dr. Vasant Shinde, Vice-Chancellor, Deccan College

By Sanjeev Sabhlok 
Trying to find more about Sonawani, I chanced upon his blog. This blog post shows his book was released by none other than Dr. Vasant Shinde, Vice-Chancellor, Deccan College.  [Shinde's profile on DC website and his CV]
This is no mean achievement: to get the head of the most academically sound and eminent institute of archaelogy in India (and one of the few such institutes in the world) to release a book. There were a couple of other academics present at the event, as well.
Sonawani is no Talageri.
The man's intellect is powerful and has been able to attract some top academics of India.

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