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Only Hindus can do it!

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The debacle of present political scenario is because the so-called seculars and progressives have failed to understand up to what RSS is and which religious doctrine they are representing under name of “Hindutva.” Most of the seculars hate the very idea of the religion. They hate being called Hindu and most of the time they spent on criticizing Hinduism. In fact, secularism is not at all about denying the religion, but they have created their own so-called intellectual cocoon that has blinded them towards the stark realities that country is facing. 

BJP is winning almost everywhere. It is being portrayed as a victory of the Hinduism. To some extent, it may sound true. There are many other factors too that together have subdued the opponents, leaving them in the myriad of utter confusion.  

Besides all fundamental economic and social issues, religion too is an important factor in human life. Whether you like it or not, whether you are a secular or not, the society is always governed by the underlying religious sentiment than the materialistic surroundings. Misunderstanding, misconceptions and illusions possessed by the people is far more dangerous and presently Hindus are going through this phase.

RSS knew this. RSS always wanted a theocratic governance system. They have openly preached that. They knew very well what religion they are representing and what doctrine they want to popularize to enchant the people. The honeymoon period after the independence enjoyed values preached by Mahatma Gandhi and socialist pattern of Nehru, though both were rival thoughts. RSS tirelessly was making its way towards the goal by deliberate misinterpretation of the religion which was not understood by the so-called seculars of any time. The word “Hindutva” was coined by RSS and its allied wings with very thoughtful cunningness. They gave priorities to their Vedic principles while constructing their political and social philosophy. 

It is assumed that 85% of Indian population is Hindu. Still so, Hindu is only religion which has no clear definition. RSS never have attempted to define the religion it is preaching about. They have used some real and mostly imaginary threat of other religions, especially Islam to increase their strength. They have been rewriting the history and spreading it, even if it is full of the lies.  It all has been attacked by the seculars, but they never attempted to come out with true history. A very word “Hindu” has become as an abuse to them. But they have not tried at all to fathom the gravity of the issue. 

RSS never represented Hindus, though it is a common understanding. Let us have a look at what they are being targeted for:

1.      RSS applauds four-fold system first propagated in Rig Veda and all later Vedic scriptures.
2.      RSS believe Vedas are the main source of Hinduism.
3.      RSS believes that all the modern knowledge originates from Vedas.
4.      RSS believes in the Vedic Gurukula system.
5.      RSS highly glorifies the Vedic age. 
6.   RSS believes in the dictatorial theocratic state.
7.   RSS believes Sarasvati river flowed through India and that Vedic Aryans, who composed Vedas, were indigenous Aryans.
8.   RSS believes the fourfold Varna system is an ideal and scientific social order.
9.   Bringing Sanskrit and Vedic science in the curriculum has always been a top priority of RSS.  

There are many other points they propagate, but main focus always is on the Vedas and Vedic supremacy! Where does Hindu thought fit into this? 

It will become very clear that the Hinduism RSS is preaching is not at all Hindu, but it speaks all about Vedic religion and its superiority to dominate the non-Vedic masses. It indirectly shows that whatever was good in Indian society it was because Vedic people and others have no contribution in cultural developments whatsoever. Very few have understood that the Vedic religion is an independent religion having its own system and rituals. The Smritis too were written to regularize Vedic religion and was not binding on the Hindus. Most of the gods Hindus worship has no place in Vedicism, nor RSS ever speaks about them. 

All those, who have not been part of Vedic customs, rituals and all those who never had access to the Vedas are Hindu or Agamic to be specific. This distinction was very clear in India till medieval era. Those were Britishers who coined both the religions together under the single umbrella of “Hindu”. Those were Britishers those wrote Hindu laws based on Vedic codes though they were never meant for the Agamic or Hindu’s. There is not a single instance in the history that the Hindus anytime followed the Vedic codes.  The Vedic code prohibits Shudras from accumulating wealth, forget a chance of ever becoming a King. But we have hundreds of the proofs that so-called Shudras ruled India for millenniums, from the time when Vedic religion was yet to emerge. The confusion was created by the British rulers because of their ignorance about Hindu society. They assumed Smritis were ancient Hindu laws, where Brahmin was considered a supreme. They too constructed Indian history, recklessly using Vedic sources, those were full of manipulations, interpolations and mostly unhistorical. 

RSS never tried to explore Hindu Agam shastras, rather avoided it deliberately, only because Hindus would awaken and separate if known what rich inheritance they owned.  Rather they tried to prove whatever good was in India that had Vedic origin. They deliberately tried to paint all Hindu great personalities in Vedic paint by sheer distortion. Even they misused archeology to create the false picture of the ancient civilization. People blindly believed it. The over glorification of Vedas came always to their help. They are even trying to claim authorship of the Indus civilization. They are committing cultural crimes one after other and are getting scot free because there hardly is any Hindu scholarship and if it is, is defamed or silently killed.

Damage it done was that the Hindu people never came across their honest history. They always saw their history through Vedic glasses. Thus Vedic history indirectly became their history because the proper distinction was never made. This history was not anywhere depicting their achievements, their contributions and their independent culture. This way they put the Hindus on inferior status when it was not the fact!  

RSS, since its inception, have tried to misuse this ignorance to their benefit. Under title of “Hindutva” they, being most religious, gather under its umbrella. Hindu is an only community on the earth which has no independent knowledge of their religion. Though the distinction in real life too is very clear and obvious between their religion and Vedic religion, what misguides them is the term “Hindutva” deliberately used by the RSS.

But the fact is, RSS represents Vedic religion and strives for its supremacy by Vedicizing non-Vedics. While doing so they care very much that they are kept under the toe of Vedic supremacy. 

Seculars and Progressives in India too did not analyze the religious history of India. Mostly, they too heavily depended on the Vedic sources, no matter how false and misleading they were. They never understood what actual threat RSS is posing. Religious Hindu never could understand the RSS is misusing them by distorting Hindu religious history.

RSS should not be feared because it will impose Hindu theocratic state! It should be feared by all the Hindus (minus Vedics) that they are being made the slaves of the Vedicism. It is essential for the Hindus to understand what exactly is their religion. Seculars of India too should understand the distinction in both the religions. Unless done so, they will never be able to combat the onslaught of dictatorial Vedicsim that is the foundation of RSS. 

Hindus too should understand that what all the time it is being talked is Vedic religion and its superiority. Hindus are still inferior in their eyes, mere a pawn to be used to achieve their goals.

Hindus should stop at once being a pawn for any other religion!

Under the circumstances, seculars and all Hindus should relook at the religious history of India. They should understand their roots are in the Indus time civilization and they were founders of such a glorious era. Vedics are determined to stake the claim on it, thus depriving Hindus of their past. 

 The elements of the Vedicism are dangerous. Only Hindus can save India from the Vedic threat! Forming an independent organization to counter the onslaught of the Vedic doctrine under the disguise of "Hindutva" is an immediate necessity. RSS never ever was a Hindu organization. It always used Hindus to their benefit. Only Hindus can stop this by denying Vedic elements in their religion. 

To take initiative in this regards, we are forming "Adim Hindu Parishad" to spread message of true Hinduism and awaken the people about Vedic eoncroachment in their religion.

Come. let is unite!

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