Thursday, March 16, 2017

Time to repay the debt of the farmers!

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Loan waiver to the farmers is a hotly debated topic on political and social grounds. The fact cannot be denied that the farmers are (and always were) in pathetic conditions, not only due to the frequent natural calamities but manmade disasters too. Loan waiver to Uttar Pradesh farmers is declared by not UP leaders but Prime Minister. Modi’s dictatorial style of functioning is getting clear every day. In Maharashtra too it appears that even if Devendra Phadanavis is objecting to the demand of loan waiver, it is just to show that he will not succumb to the demands of the opposition, but he will do it in his own style when he feels he only can reap the political fruits. So, this issue is not being debated by the opposition or government because they have some concerns about the farmers, but are making the political issue out of farmer suicides.

First victim of socialism always is a farmer. Rest of the industry can manage their survival and progress by appropriating the authorities with bribes and cheating banks by manipulating their balance sheets. The condition of the farming segment is worst because it is controlled by the State with enforcing many laws. To do this the government has made a provision, refer schedule 9, no one can challenge these laws in the courts. Essential commodities Act, Land sealing act, land acquisition act are few examples those have crippled Indian agriculture. Like other industrial products, The farmer cannot sell his produce freely in the open market. Though producer, he has no control over the price. Under the circumstances, it is inevitable that the farming becomes a loss making enterprise. To woo the middle-class government interferes to maintain the prices low and affordable. But there is no sense in determining what is affordable.

Due to the land sealing act, farming land already is fragmented, making it non-viable venture. Maximum land holding too is restricted hence no modern farming technologies can be implemented to make it a successful venture. Hence no new investment can be expected in this large sector that can be boosted easily with squashing the anti-farming laws.

Narendra Modi is considered as a messiah by most of the people who, they believe, have guts enough to bring “acche din” to the majority Indians.  However, this is a euphoric sentiment without any touch of the reality. He is following all the political gimmicks those were consistently adopted by his predecessor governments. He may declare loan waiver soon to give last kick to the already crippled Indian economy. This waiver may take him on the pinnacle of the popularity. This is what always socialist mind sets want. They have nothing to do with the realities and willingness to go to the root of the problem and permanently cure it.  

Like previous governments, this too is a spineless government. It is thriving on the dreamy slogans and popular decisions. Loan waiver is not an option. But it becomes necessary because if farmers are debt-ridden it is because of the government acts and apathy towards any attempt for farming development. Under the circumstances, as long as they prevail, it becomes government’s (and peoples) duty to waive the loans, no matter what adverse impact it makes on the economy. You are not doing any favor because it is you who have made farmers life miserable. You have to repay this debt!

If Mr. Modi wants to show he is what he has been claiming, then he has to make all the anti-farming laws redundant with immediate effect. Unless and until this is done the only option the government is left with is give more subsidies, loan waivers, packages and all that can assist the farmer. Mr. Modi has a choice. Let us hope he opt for right one that can free the farmers from the controls!

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