Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Never ending song of humanity....

On rainy nights
Propped next to the window
I stand glued
To the vistent rthytm of torrents
Looking at this mysterious down pour
I am ever lost in a mammoth dream...

In the incessant mad splash
I sense the world
Trembling, stroping and humbled
By the rain

The icy drizzle
Which raises shivers on the body
With every cold breeze
Can't restore conciousness in me...

The monsoon courses on
making me reckon
The spirit giving hand of eternal life
....The hand that blesseth

Then taking me close
To the endless moments and realisations
The monsoon gives me a vision
Of the mysterious, vital world

Such lust as
That the night may never end
The moments may never trickle down
with such immediacy
This music of humanity
Breathing through the pores of the world
Very rarely such intensity
Wins over the atoms of the spirit

The world is fearful
And flings itself
In the arms of secure affections
Searching for support
As though this rain is a rain
Of clamities and death
The one which will scrape away
All prosperity

By the lightening thunder
They wake up
And search for security
In the lap of a sweetheart
A wife or a mother

They feel
Outside in half-awakening
Something dreadful awaits them
With its jaws wide open
But I stay undaunted here
Fully awake and askance
All these discoveries
And I grasp the Monsoon Sonata
Overflowing from all quarters

O my heart’s companions !
Today I pen this Monsoon Sonata
With drops of rain and drizzle
Painting them with emotions
Yours and mine …
Hopes … frustrations … terrible setbacks
Of expectations ….
And the void gained
In attempts at love unrequited
And search for truth profound

My soulmates !
Wake up … Rise to your feet
Let us find the ray of truth
Streaming from
These dark and swelling clouds
Let us sing the Monsoon Sonata
To our hearts content
Because today
We need to resurrect our values of life
Which are slowly breaking away
We need to weave the world
In harmonious music
We need to sing the never ending song of

(From my beloved poetry collection...Monsoon Sonata...)


  1. Dear Raindrops...
    let me not pen with u.
    ...as am writing this for my dear friends
    who preserve their wet eyes till my dreams come ture...

  2. Salute to your poetry collection...!