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Why Space essentially is only element?

We have seen in previous chapters that the present theories about creation of the universe assume space abundant and matter finite at the event moment of the bang. Also we have seen the theories doesn’t explain origin of that matter, no matter how condensed it were with the forces held inside within.

I have also explained that space has qualities. In Quantum mechanics and also in quantum field theory it is well accepted that the matter “somehow” modifies the space around it. However it fails to explain if the space has no qualities of its own, is nothing but space, how it can be modified just because of the presence of the matter?

Neither theory explains origin of the matter and forces, though they are considered to be unified before creation of the universe and separated after Big Bang.

Super String theory, which we will be discussing later, is more complicated, raising more questions on its validity than answering any fundamental questions.

My theory proposes that pre-presence of matter and forces for creation of the universe is unwarranted.

Because the matter is nothing but the modified form of the space.


This is why there cannot be space abundant and matter finite. There can’t be available abundant space to consume rapid expansion of the universe. It is simply because the matter is always in proportion to the space.

All the forces (electro-magnetic, weak and strong nuclear and gravitation) are in fact pseudo forces. This may sound surprising. But these forces have been generated in the process of initial formation of the universe to keep balance in imbalance. However we shall discuss on this at later stage.

The space we are talking about when there was no single object to define geometry of the universe, I call it Primordial Non-Geometric space. We cannot compare the present space to the original space as present space, though seem vacant, is filled up with the forces. We experience that the space is vast and matter limited, no matter how far we peep into the depth of the faraway universe. Even if we examine any solid block of the matter, we shall find there is moreover space within the matter and if we cut the block to the atomic level we shall find there was almost space and no solid matter ever existed. Even within the atom, we come across pseudo particles; those in fact are not particles but modified spacelets of different qualities. My friend and physicist Randall Raus tells me that if we consider nucleus of an atom of the size of football, the electrons surrounding it will be about two thousand miles. So, we can see there is only space but in modified form that we see as matter.

Hence there couldn’t be any matter pre-existent as we can see clearly that matter is nothing but modified form of the space, coupled with the forces.

We also can see that the forces and matter (Modified Space) cannot be separated. In absence of matter there are no forces.

This needs to be understood. The big bang theory considers that the forces and matter were unified within the highly dense of almost zero size matter and after the bang the forces took separate paths. As to gravitation, being only negative force, several theories popped up to clarify its existence. Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity explained Gravitation in different manner…i.e. Space Time curvature. Here too Einstein considers space has some type of curvature coupled with Time that causes movements of the objects circulating masses of huge size. Here I wonder why Einstein, who too explains space being infinite and of no qualities of its own, could make this statement to explain gravitation? This was rather bold statement, but somehow assists to my theory that no matter in what context Einstein accepts space can be curved when coupled with Time.

To sum up present chapter, we can safely conclude that:

a. Space has innate qualities and matter is nothing but modified form of the space.
b. Hence Space=matter equation stands. This means Space and matter are finite, entangled with the forces to exhibit present of the Universe. There cannot be any space available to consume expansion of the universe. Hence the expansion of the universe derived by the scientists through mere observations is an optical illusion caused by the Gravitational Triangles. (On which I will be writing separate chapter.)
c. Forces are an outcome of the process of balancing betwen the space and modified space (positive+Negative) and they have no separate independent existence.
d. Universe is made of the space within the space and no mateer infact exists in the universe.

In next chapter we shall deal with how primordial space converted to the present universe? Did Time ever existed prior to the creation or whether it always was existant in different form? What is Time after all?

Please bear with me till I write next chapter. Meanwhile your valuable ideas shall be of a great help. Thanks.


  1. म्हणजे आपला "स्थिती"शील विश्वावर विश्वास आहे???

  2. Dear Gitesh jee,

    No, I dont beleive in static Universe Theory. Universe was certainly created in the distant past, however, the universe is nothing but changed form of the space. Pls bear with me till I publishe next chapters on this. Regards,


  3. Sonawni,

    Widnyanabaddal ekdam kuthe lekh lihayla laaglat. maaf kara tumcha lekh wachla nahi me detail madhe, pan shirshakawarun tari waidnyanik lekhach wattoy. tumhi aaple jati patinbaddal lihilelech bare. ha lekh lihinyapeksha mulaniwasi kase great hote ya baddal lihile astet tar jara jast manoranjan zale aste.

    1. Without reading/understanding any article when one comments it is called ........!

      You dont know my theory on Mulnivasi. YOu haven't read it as well. I have clearly stated that the concept of "Mulnivasi" is bogus and holds no water on any historical proofs.

      While proposing theory of Universe it also is necesarry tio write on the present situation of the mankind. and I do so without caring what people does say.

      And really, your comment is entertaining to me for it is a kind of example how a person can be so prejudised? For your kind information my theory of ceration of Universe has been published in marathi in 2007 and the persons like Dr. randall Raus, Carl Sagan and Dr. Sumner Davis alraedy has applauded the same, when I had publisyhed few articles proposing the same theory were published in science magazines.

      My dear friend, it will take all your life time to understand me and my philosophy. Take your own time. Thanks.

  4. my theory of ceration of Universe has been published in marathi in 2007 and the persons like Dr. randall Raus, Carl Sagan and Dr. Sumner Davis alraedy has applauded the same...

    what are you trying to prove? you need somebody else to applaud you? that shows that you yourself are not convinced what you are writing.

    and anyways you are not my so near and dear that I will waste my energy and time in understanding you.

    One should not call the others "prejudised" when he himself is so "prejudised" beyond such a point that all his acts are making progress only in one direction. your eyes are only seing what u want to see. your ears are only hearing what you want to hear. be open to all the ideas my friend and stop critisizing others.

    God bless you, dev tumch bhal karo.

    Anyways, warti lihilelya saglya goshti ya palthya ghadyawarti pani aahet.